Becoming a Researcher at Article One is a rewarding experience. To date, we have paid out $8,652,223 to hundreds of Researchers across the globe who have been successful in our research opportunities.

Featured Researchers

We love our Community! With over 42,000 Researchers from around the globe, it’s important to recognize the talented members that make up our unique Community.  So, first off we’d like to thank Dsarokin, Gina B., Christian H. and Yutaka T. for allowing us to feature them for many years on our website.  These folks have been AOP Researchers since 2010 and continue to participate in our Studies with in-scope percentages as high as 90%.

A Researcher of the Month with four runner-ups are chosen by the 25th of the following month and a Researcher of the Year is also selected by February of the following year.

The following are the Researchers of the Month for the months of October, November and December, 2017

October – IPTornado

November – Preet

December – Tinghung

DrHrudaya has been chosen as the 2017 Researcher of the Year!


An ecologist for the United States federal government with a background in Marine Biology, Dsarokin also has experience in patent research and a passion for internet searching.

Gina B.

With experience as a Litigation Paralegal, Gina has spent several years focused on legal research and is especially skilled at thinking creatively, allowing her to approach her AOP research in unique ways.

Christian H.

Based in Germany, Christian taps into his diverse language skills, computer science expertise, and patent-related background (he has 12 of his own patents!) to conduct his AOP research.

Yutaka T.

As a professional patent researcher hailing from Japan, Yutaka has access to a wide range of resources for use in his research to improve patent quality through AOP – and even holds two Japanese patents!

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