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This Study relate to two patents that claim systems that enable the collection and transmission of information and feedback between users and providers of products. The patents are related.

One system includes a server that is electronically accessible to multiple client systems having products, services, software or information. The server includes: (i) means for storing information indicative of problems and solutions for using respective products, services, software, or information in the client systems, and (ii) means for executing software.

A second system is for use with units of a computer product that are in use respectively by different users, and includes a user interface which is part of each of the units of the computer product and provides a medium for two-way local interaction between the user and the unit of the product, interaction scripts, a triggering element, a communication element, and a generation element that enables generation of new interaction scripts.

Additional features are described in the Details page for each patent.


This Study is a request for prior art, including non-patent literature, that provides a path to invalidity for the Study patent claims that is not already known. The Reward is guaranteed to be paid to the Researcher who submits the highest quality prior art. 

There is a preferred Latest Date for Prior Art of August 5, 1991.

New matter entered in USSN 243638 is only entitled to a Latest Date for Prior Art of May 15, 1994 with a preferred date of May 15, 1993.

This Study is subject to the Shared Reward program.

Research Requirements:

Latest Date for Responses
Relevant Patent Dates
US Patent Date
Filing Date
US Application Date
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EP Date
Publication Date
Other Patent Authorities
Publication Date

Please see the claims in the downloadable copies of the patent.

Please submit prior art references that disclose the elements of the claims and describe their use in the systems, apparatuses and/or methods set forth in the claims.