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Shape Writing On A Touch Screen Keyboard

Study ID: 1393
Research Type: Validity
Expiration Date: 2012-05-28

This Study relates to a method for using one continuous motion on a virtual keyboard (including but not limited to a keyboard on a touchscreen) to input a word, specifically:

•  Recording/detecting the path or trace of a stylus or finger follows along the virtual keyboard;

•  Comparing the input stroke pattern to patterns stored in memory - where an algorithm searches a database;

•  Identifying words in which the first letter is near the initial contact location, the last letter is near the final contact location, and where any remaining letters are on or near the path;

•  (optional, but preferred - references having this feature in addition to the other features) Where including letters near the path to be considered is based on a threshold distance of the letter from the path;

•  Ranking or scoring the matching words based on the comparison to the input stroke pattern and/or frequency of use information; and,

•  Offering one or more words to the user based on the ranking or score.

Completed 2012-05-31
Reward $5,000
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  • Description

    This Study is a request for prior art, including non-patent literature, that provides a path to invalidity for the Study patent claims that is not already known. 

    The Reward is guaranteed to be paid to the Researcher who submits the highest quality prior art.

    There is a preferred Latest Date for Prior Art of January 15, 2002.

    This Study is subject to the Shared Reward program.

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    Please see the claims in the downloadable copies of the patents with focus on the following: 

    US 7,098,896: claim 1; and,

    US 7,453,439: claim 4.

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