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Method And System For Providing A Link In An Electronic File Being Presented To A User

Study ID: 1269
Research Type: Validity
Expiration Date: 2012-05-21

This Study relates generally to manipulating website content by inserting hyperlinks to targeted advertisements and/or cross-references to network resources that customize the content for a user. Interesting systems should perform one or more of the following functions:

(1)   Receive and accept competitive bids from third parties so the third party can be associated with some user-viewable text on a website.

(2)   Determine information about a website user (e.g., user identity, user characteristics, user interests, indications that the user is a member of an organization or category of users, or user location). The information might be stored in a cookie file on the user’s computer.

(3)   Define an association between a computer network resource and an arrangement of user-viewable text. The selection of an association may be based on information about the user.

(4)   Determine that a portion of user-viewable text on a web page matches a pattern of user-viewable text in the association between the computer network resource and the arrangement of user-viewable text.

(5)   Include a hyperlink to the computer network resource (a) in a balloon window that emerges while a pointer is placed over the matching text on the page, (b) in place of the matching text,(c) as a mouse-over object assigned to the matching text, (d) just after the matching text, (e) substantially at the location of the matching text, or (f) in a margin adjacent to the matching text.

(6)   Alter the status of an association between the computer network resource and user-viewable text (e.g., enable the association) when a user accepts an offer from a third party to provide the user a benefit having monetary value in exchange for the user agreeing to include the association in a customized set of associations (a) for a predetermined period of time or (b) until a predetermine number of hyperlinks are generated using the association offered by the third party.

(7)   Present the computer network resource (with the inserted hyperlink) to the user.

The owner of this patent appears to suggest that this patent may cover all advertising systems that may perform the following functions:

(1)   associate a data pattern (e.g., a keyword) with a merchant;

(2)   determine that content from a website matches the data pattern;

(3)   modify the content to include the merchant’s advertisement; and

(4)   present the modified content to a website user.

Completed 2012-06-07
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    This Study is a request for prior art, including non-patent literature, that provides a path to invalidity for the Study patent claims that is not already known. The Reward is guaranteed to be paid to the Researcher who submits the highest quality prior art. 

    There is a preferred Latest Date for Prior Art of May 8, 1999.

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