At Article One Partners, we deliver immense value to our clients
in a way that other search firms simply cannot match.

Make the Best IP-Related Business Decisions

Whether your goal is to file the highest quality patent application, generate more revenue or make the best strategic decision during litigation, you need quality research. Depending on your goal, you may only need enough research to knock out an idea, you may need exhaustive research to find all the evidence you can for litigation, or something in between. Your budget and time requirements will also vary for different projects.

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Article One Partners (AOP) offers a full spectrum of research options to address your specific project goals and budget requirements. At one end of the spectrum are our full crowd-based solutions that leverage a research community of over 42,000, from more than 180 countries, for the most exhaustive search or to uncover hard-to-find evidence. At the other end of the spectrum are searches performed by our internal research experts or top researchers from our crowd for use in cases like patentability and freedom to operate. All of our searches are tailored to your specific needs.

We complement our research with AOP Connect™, our web-based platform, which gives you the ability to review, highlight, rank and manage your research now and into the future.


  • Invalidity
  • Risk Awareness
  • Patent Landscaping
  • Circumvention
  • Patent Purchasing
  • Broadening Patent Claims
  • Trademarks Common Law


  • Freedom to Operate
  • Patentability / Novelty
  • Patent Purchasing
  • Buy / Build / Partner
  • Broadening Patent Claims


  • Evidence of Use
  • Picket Fencing Technology
  • Patent Purchasing
  • Brand Protection
  • Standards Mapping

The Research Teams

At AOP, we understand your needs related to prior art research and the importance of thorough and in-depth research. We also understand budgets and the need to align those with research resources to deliver a necessary outcome. AOP has the options and flexibility to do just that. Our crowd of over 42,000 researchers in 180 countries provides us with a rich source of talent.

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Unmatched and Detailed Search Results at Your Fingertips

With every prior art search project, you receive a login to AOP Connect, our web-based platform housing your reference submissions. AOP Connect also provides researcher highlights matching the document while giving you insight into the breadth and depth of the researchers who did the research, such as how many researchers participated, their educational levels and areas of education and language skills.

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List of Search Services

Invalidity Search

Eliminate poor quality patent threats through prior art.

Risk Awareness

Identify parties and patents of particular risk trends.

Patent Landscaping

Better understand competitive landscapes or identify technical white space for innovation.


Proactively invent around clear and distinct threats.

Patent Purchasing

Identify valuable patents to purchase for defensive action.

Broadening Patent Claims

Broaden claims of a patent to mitigate potential risk.

Trademark Common Law

Assess common law sources for prior use in contentions and oppositions.

Freedom to Operate

Ensure that your product will not run into troublesome patents.


Build in patent quality from the start with effective prior art search and alignment of encumbrances and white space for claims expansion.

Buy/ Build/ Partner

Identify complementary technology and make informed economic decisions.

Evidence of Use

Identify potential targets for licensing and understand marketplace complications.

Licensee/Brand Protection

Inspect licensee compliance and check for counterfeiting.

Standards Mapping/Novelty

Identify standards that use your technology.

Concept to Invention™

Find prior art and incorporate it into a draft application right from the Invention Disclosure for immediate action by your legal team. Go from ID to high quality application quickly so you are first to file.

Picket Fencing Technology

Determine where and how to “fence off” an important and potentially business critical area in order to complete a patent portfolio.