Locate the Evidence You Need to Develop Winning Strategies for Your Clients

When representing your clients in high stakes litigation, you want the evidence on your side. But finding the best evidence to make your case is not always easy. Maybe you need researchers who understand technical distinctions or you need to scour the globe for prior art. Do not let deficient research stand in your way of protecting your clients’ innovative products and services.

With over 42,000 researchers in more than 180 countries, Article One Partners (AOP) provides the highest quality research to help you locate the information you need to develop your strategy. Our suite of research solutions, surveys, patent intelligence and AOP Watch offers a range of options to address your specific needs. Whether you need answers fast for early insight into your case, the most comprehensive global research or confidential research, AOP has the expertise to help you.

Advantages Gained:

Better Organization


Gain Intelligence

Generate comprehensive research studies and patent reports to gain the intelligence you need to develop sound strategies

Generate More Revenue for Your Clients


Uncover Evidence

Leverage our crowd of researchers to uncover evidence you may not have known was there

Enhance Your Negotiating Position


Identify Invalidity

Eliminate poor quality third party patent threats through prior art research and market intelligence rather than litigate such threats

Map Directly to a Patent Claim


Monitor Threats

Proactively monitor patent activity to gain early awareness and the opportunity to take action

Uncover Business Intelligence


Put Your Clients in the Best Position to Win the Case

Feel confident that you are working with the best researchers and have done your due diligence to put yourself and your clients in the best possible position to win your case