With a focus on patent quality, Article One Partners helps clients make the best patent-related business decisions. From litigation to acquisitions, our clients access previously unavailable information through a global crowd of over 42,000 Researchers.

Your clients’ patent portfolios may be worth millions, or in some cases, billions of dollars, and they count on you to help them protect their interests and maximize their return on investment. This is not always easy given budget constraints, challenges getting an inventor’s time, obscurity of some prior art and the amount of patents you have to manage and defend.
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Article One Partners (AOP) has developed a full spectrum of public and private offerings to help you more effectively insulate your clients’ patents, locate the evidence you need to develop winning strategies for your clients, and map and track prior art. Our products extend far beyond mission-critical prior art searches by providing a diverse spectrum of crowd search and project-based research to invalidate poor quality patents, ensure high quality grants and uncover technical and market intelligence.

Our clients span the globe and have an assortment of intellectual property business needs. Whether you are in the process of prosecuting a patent, managing your client’s patent portfolio or litigating, AOP has a range of research solutions to meet your budget and search needs.

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Article One Partners ® supports some of the biggest names in Intellectual Property across the Globe