Establish Value

Evidence of Use (EoU) assists you in demonstrating and establishing the value of your intellectual property as a function of its being used in the marketplace. The due diligence required to assemble that evidence is no small feat – most IP programs simply don’t have the resources to search the entirety of the market in a timely or cost-efficient way. Enter the Crowd.


The AOP Process

With 42,000+ members of our community in over 180 countries, speaking more than 200 languages, AOP can quickly and efficiently work through your patents, seeking out EoU at the source. With AOP Connect, our researchers upload, highlight, and clearly map product information from the public domain to the claims and elements of your patents.  Analyze your entire portfolio, or simply focus on a few patents under a dedicated CrowdSearch – the choice is yours. You can focus the search on specific entities, geographies, or industries.  Our researchers are also skilled at mapping patents to standards, greatly increasing both the value and bargaining power of our client’s portfolios.

Why Perform an EoU Search?

Evidence of Use is, at its base, a due diligence process that plays a critical role in core IP program goals, such as monetization and brand protection.  How you use that information will, of course, depend on your end-to-end process and your overarching IP strategy. Our most accomplished clients use EoU not only to better assess the value of their patents, but to create defensive portfolios as well.  This leads directly to increased revenue in patent sales, better leverage in licensing negotiations, and better preparation for unwelcomed assertions. One study found that bringing proper EoU to the negotiating table drove a 27% premium on patent sales.

Additionally, EoU provides market awareness, identifying competitors and bad actors who may already be using your IP. Threats to brand integrity through dilution and counterfeiting can significantly harm the value of your IP – EoU arms you with the proper evidence you need to identify the problem at the source and stop it before significant damage can occur.

How it Works

  • Reach out to one of our qualified sales consultants through the contact information at the side, top, or bottom of the page (or click here)
  • You provide us with a set or portfolio of patents and we will work with you to determine the optimal search/study arrangement in consideration of your business objectives
  • Our Crowd goes out, finds EoU, and submits the mapped references to our AOP Connect platform for your review
  • For more detailed information, view our EoU Product Sheet (click here)

Case Studies