With a focus on patent quality, Article One Partners helps clients make the best patent-related business decisions. From litigation to acquisitions, our clients access previously unavailable information through a global crowd of over 42,000 Researchers.

Today patent portfolios can be worth millions, and in some businesses, billions of dollars. Yet there are often unrealized opportunities to more effectively insulate and defend your patents, file higher quality patent applications much faster than typical timelines and generate more revenue.

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Article One Partners (AOP) has developed a full spectrum of public and private offerings to help you more effectively defend your portfolio and market position, innovate through research and development of new technologies and monetize your current and future IP. Our products extend far beyond mission-critical prior art searches by providing a diverse spectrum of crowd search and project-based research to invalidate poor quality patents, ensure high quality grants and uncover technical and market intelligence. In partnering with our clients to solve their specific business challenges, we have developed Concept to Invention, which is transforming the invention disclosure process and dramatically accelerating the time to file. We are also offering our clients the opportunity to replicate our crowdsourcing model with their internal experts through our Private Platform.

Our corporate clients span the globe and have an assortment of intellectual property business needs. Whether you are looking to defend, innovate or monetize your IP portfolio, Article One Partners can make the process more efficient and rewarding.

Article One Partners ® supports some of the biggest names in Intellectual Property across the Globe