A Solution for Every Situation

Emerging technologies and disruptive business models create demanding timelines and urgency – finding the talent you need to meet that demand can be daunting. Whether you need someone for the short-term or the long-term, AOP can meet either need, on demand, with the broadest array of technical skills in the market today.

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Our Talent Pool

With 42,000+ members of our community in over 180 countries, speaking more than 200 languages, AOP isn’t bound by geographical limitations.

Measured Expertise

In addition to detailed demographic information, work history, resumes, and more, we know exactly how our technology professionals have performed for us. We know who our strongest performers are, and we track them across 50+ technology classes. We track area technical knowledge and expertise, IP experience, education, inventorship, and more.

Focused Innovation

Innovation creates business value and strategic marketplace advantages. The efficiency offered by our focused talent sourcing can be called upon as needed, providing results that are both quick and structured, igniting the fuel that drives your innovation.

How it Works

  • Reach out to one of our qualified salespeople through the contact information at the top or bottom of the page (or click here)
  • Let us know the technology categories for which you are seeking talent
  • We will provide you with 2-3 Talent Profiles for you to review
  • Once you decide to proceed and have selected a resource, we agree on terms and pricing, send over an agreement, and get started!
  • It’s that simple!

Total Researchers by Technology Class

Aeronauticial Engineering829
Aerospace Engineering1132
Agricultural Engineering1495
Alternative Energy Technology4004
Artificial Intelligence2860
Biomedical Engineering3629
Ceramic Engineering309
Chemical Engineering1689
Civil Engineering886
Computer Engineering3289
Computer Hardware3541
Computer Science5566
Electrical Engineering2316
Electrochemical Engineering550
Electronics Technology3109
Engineering Physics1269
Environmental Technology3932
Food Technology4345
General Chemistry4293
General Engineering1844
Geological Engineering779
Industrial Engineering883
Life Sciences Technologies7556
Marine Technology1266
Materials Science2018
Mechanical Engineering1870
Medical Devices & Instrumentation4064
Medicine & Dentistry4870
Metallurgical Engineering373
Mining Engineering383
Mobile & Wireless Communications3535
Molecular Biology5130
Nuclear Engineering497
Organic Chemistry2894
Petroleum Engineering619
Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry4370
Semiconductor Technology1394
Software Engineering3237
Textile Technology973