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Top 5: Writing Patents

Dust off your quills and typewriters: this week we’ve listed a few writing patents!

1) Ballpoint Feather Pen

This patent combines the design of a ballpoint pen with that of a quill, with the ink well residing in the feather and the nub being a ballpoint.

2) Writing Accessory writingacc

This tool is meant to encourage children to write, and to enjoy the act of writing. The trick to this, is attaching a candy or lollipop to the writing instrument in such a way that the candy is a reward.

3) Combination Bookmark and Writing Instrument Holder

Mark your place where you were reading as well as store a pen or pencil on the cover of the book. A great invention for someone who likes to scribble in the margins!

4) Article of Wearable Apparel with an Erasable Writing Surface

Want to write a message or phrase on your shirt? Want to change that message? You can, in theory, with this patented item.

5) Pen Warmer

Has the ink in your pen dried up, making it hard to write? This patent for a pen warmer aims to heat the writing tip so that the ink flows again.

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