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Top 5: Whirligigs and Wind Patents

“In like a lion, out like a lamb,” is the well-known proverb for explaining the climate of March. The transition from winter to spring brings with it some vicious, windy days, so we’ve rounded up a few patents that take advantage of those breezy moments.

1) Whirligig

Not just the title of a popular young-adult novel, a whirligig refers to a child’s toy. This patent refers to an old-timey whirligig, where an item such as a spinning ball passes back and forth on a string between two bases. The whirligigs of today usually featured a solid base with one or two spinning components, usually powered by the wind.

2) Fluoroluminescent lighted kite kite

Flying a kite is always a fun activity during a breezy day – but what if you wanted to fly your kite at night? This patent for a kite that runs on batteries and features black lights solves that problem.

3) Method for wind noise reduction

According to the literature of this patent, wind noise is a problem that interferes with communication over cell phones and other devices. Using the formula provided in the patent to locate and match a signal, the goal is to reduce the wind noise or howling one might hear in the background of a conversation.

4) Airport wind direction and velocity indicator

This invention is meant to be a device usable at small airports that lack the proper control towers. The indicator in question provides information on the wind direction and velocity which is then relayed to the pilot so he can safely determine how to land the plane.

5) Wind-Resistant Magnetic Trash Can

This genius patent saves the hassle of having to track down your trash can after a windy day, and ideally prevents trash from spilling all over the place. With a magnetic base keeping the can in place, it prevents the can from being knocked over, or even rummaged through by animals.

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