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Top 5: Weather-Related Patents

With changing seasons come changing weather patterns. How do you prepare for the weather? Check out this Top 5 patent list.


1) Method and System for Generating and Sending User-Centric Weather Alerts

Does your smartphone ever send you flash flood alerts on rain-heavy days? It’s most likely using this patented technology, which analyzes meteorological data and creates device-specific alerts based on location technology.

2) Testing Apparatus for Determining Resistance to Weather Influences 

This invention tests various materials- like paint, textiles, and metals- to see how they stand against different elements of nature. The machine exposes test samples to liquid, air currents, and light, and turns the samples about to test all sides.

3) Weather-resistant Wearing Apparel

Specifically adapted for skiing, and therefore, extreme cold temperatures, these ski boot and pants closures are meant to be more comfortable for the wearer and help to prevent snow from entering the boot.

4) Automatic Storm Finding Weather Radar

This particular patent pertains to weather radar for use in an aircraft. The radar system uses an antenna, a receiver/transmitter, and a computer with a storm-finding algorithm for a more efficient, automatic system.

5) Weather Sealing Strip for Doors

Use this adjustable sealing strip to keep out water during rainy and stormy weather.

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