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Top 5: Water Patents

Water is one of our most precious natural resources, but we can’t just drink it! It has to be filtered and purified for human consumption. This week’s Top 5 takes a look at technology that does that.

1) Portable Rainwater Collecting and Purifying System

This portable container collects and purifies rainwater through the use of filters and ultraviolet light.

2) Water Pumping and Control System

This patented system draws water from one reservoir to add it to a dispensing reservoir, and also cools the water to drink.

3) Canteen with Disposable Filter Cartridge

A disposable filter cartridge helps to expand the lifetime use of a canteen.

4) Water Treatment with Ozone

One of the many methods of disinfecting, this patent covers treatment with ozone and mentions the amount used to get clear, flavorless, odorless water.

5) Water Purifier

Like the other patents on this list, this one aims to make water drinkable and usable.




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