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Top 5: TV Patents

Do you like to relax by watching your favorite television show? Us too! Check out some interesting TV patents below while binge-watching on the couch this weekend.

1) Panoramic Television Viewing System

This patent is currently owned by the US Secretary of Army. The closed circuit panoramic system helps to provide a 360 degree view inside of the vehicle or tank that features said system.

2) Real Time Three Dimensional Television System

While “3D” movies exist, 3D t.v. is still a science-fiction hope of the past (and the Batman Forever universe). This patent from the late ’60s talks about “utilizes wave front reconstruction techniques to provide a real time three-dimensional image at the receiving end of the system, with the image changing in perspective as the object and/or observer moves.”

3) TV Remote Control Unit with Body Fat Measurement Function

An odd one on this list, this patent is meant “to manage health care through cooking through use of a TV remote control unit.” The remote control would, in essence, measure body fat measurements and send it to a microcomputer in the TV which would then provide information about appropriate food caloric intake.

4) Television Stand for a Vehicle 

Make long rides more bearable and enjoyable with a tv system in your vehicle. This patent is for the stand, which includes the base, pivotal hinge and frame which help secure the tv.

5) Multiband Antenna with Associated R.F. Amplifier

This patent is for an improved VHF television antenna. Remember when TV’s had antennas?


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