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Top 5: Spring Cleaning Patents

The changing seasons means it’s time to transition your wardrobe, and deep-clean your house or apartment. This week’s Top 5 lists items that are frequently used in spring cleaning!

1) Portable Storage Rack or Pallet

There are a few ways to store your belongings: in bins, in boxes, in closets and on shelves and racks. This portable rack makes it easier to move your storage equipment itself around.

2) Duster, Scrubber, and Washer Appliance

This 3-in-1 appliance is geared towards heavy-duty cleaning of bigger objects and areas, like cars, whole buildings, and other machines.

3) Bin Divider

Section off your shelf for storage with these bin dividers, which have easy, locking grooves to secure your bins and compartments.

4) Electric Vacuum Cleaner  

A necessity for spring cleaning, this vacuum from the 60s features an electric fan and motor to help create the suction power needed to collect dust and dirt.

5) Extendable Closet Organizers

An extendable support is mounted to a clothing rod in a hanger, thus allowing for the attachment of a shoe rack or extra clothing bags. This in turns allows for more things to be stored/put away in the closet.

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