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Top 5: Solar Patents

Harness the energy of the sun with this week’s Top 5 patent list!

1) Timepiece for Using a Solar Battery as the Power Source

While the idea of using solar batteries for timepieces and watches isn’t new, this patent aimed to remedy the issue (at the time) of solar batteries that fit in the watch and didn’t restrict any design choices.

2) Basementless Solar Home 

This system would use solar collectors that feature a number of materials — corrugated sheets, mesh, treated panels for solar absorption, tubes — that would then be able to heat a water system to provide year-round heating at comfortable levels for a home.

3) Means for Desalting Sea Water by Solar Heat and Air Convection

The Earth is surrounded by water, but only 2.5% of that water is freshwater, and considered safe for drinking. This patent would use solar heat to evaporate sea water,  and then turn it to potable water.

4) Solar Collector

These tube-like solar collectors are an improved design from flat-plate solar collectors, promising to be more cost-efficient and have better performance characteristics.

5) System and Apparatus for Charging an Electronic Device Using Solar Energy

Similar to the first patent on this list in idea, this particular patent involves flexible solar panels that attach to a port to provide power.

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