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Top 5: Snow Patents 2017

Our latest Top 5 list tackles the snow!

1) Multichannel Frost Ice and Snow Detecting Device

This precipitation gauge from the late ’60s monitors temperature, humidity and electrical conductivity to determine if there is free water, snow, ice or frost forming.

2) Snow Scooter 

This two-wheeled device is the hottest way to get around a snowy mountain.

3) Snow Scoop

Another 1960s patent, this “snow scoop” helps to lift and carry the snow, without having to pick the shovel off the ground — making it easier to displace snow while clearing a path.

4) Lightweight Snow Fence

A fence that consists of metal posts, wooden slats and woven wire to prevent snow drifts, this patented one is meant to be easily transportable.

5) Planar Heater for Melting Snow

These thawing devices are meant to attach to a roof and help melt the snow of the top of a house.

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