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Top 5: Smoking Patents

The e-cigarette business has grown in popularity since its inventions started appearing in 2005, jumping from eight to 500 in published patents. The latest push in the industry is for pay-per-puff patents, which would create a new market and may help to regulate smoking habits. Regardless of personal feelings about smoking, it does have an interesting historical and cultural context  highlighted with this week’s Top 5 smoking-related patents.

Patent USD7987: Design for a smoking-pipe

1) Design for a smoking-pipe

While it’s safe to say that smoking has been around for quite some time, this is one of the earliest patents for a smoking-pipe. It’s pretty clear cut: the design features two parts, a bowl and a stem. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

2) Cigarette and wrapper with controlled puff count

This patent goes into detail about the science behind the cigarette paper, and how its porosity affects the burn rate and therefore the puff count. The inventor of this cigarette wrapper then proposes the ideal units of calcium carbonate, Coresta units and other properties to create a cigarette that doesn’t sacrifice taste, doesn’t require high levels of burn control additive and  has a certain puff count & tar delivery.

3) Pocket cigar-case

The unique aspect of this pocket cigar-case is that it is meant to save a used cigar, whether it is still burning or freshly-lit then put out. This specific patent states that the inside of the case is lined so as not to cause contamination.

Patent US3482580 Anti-smoking device

4) Anti-smoking device

Science has come a long way; nowadays nicotine patches and gum exist to help someone quit smoking. This anti-smoking device relies on a small form of electroshock therapy to help the smoker quit–every time they puff, a small shock is sent to their lips. The filing of the patent in 1968 is a bit odd, considering that such methods were declining in the U.S from the 1950s – 1970s, due to negative public perception, but it makes sense as to why this device never caught on…

5) Cigarette lighter

This patent is for a cigarette lighter within the dashboard of a car. The design is simple enough so that a user just pushes the button to start the airflow and cause heat, and therefore creating a light for the cigarette. The design has been prevalent in cars since roughly the 1940s, although they are rarely seen in newer car models today.



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