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Top 5: “Smart House” Patents

Although Amazon’s latest patent for a virtual reality closet is retail-based, we were inspired to look at other patents and inventions that could be found in a “smart” (or technologically-tricked out) house. Check out our list!

1) Recipe Wand and Recipe Book for Use with a Networked Appliance

This patented device would be linked to other appliances in the house through a network and can send data about a consumable (food) as well as start the process for making food.

2) Interactive Television Graphics Interface

This apparatus would superimpose images, captions, or other information over the television screen, and graphic overlays can be used for either informational or gaming purposes.

3) House Animal Toilet with Automatic Self-Cleaning

Gadgets of the future usually automate or replace the mundane tasks humans perform. One of those tasks would be cleaning out kitty litter with this patented invention.

4) Touchscreen Device User Interface for Remote Control of a Thermostat

Another feature of a smart house would be to have controls connected to a smart phone or tablet. With this patent, a user can control the temperature of their house from their smartphone.

5) Intelligent Refrigerator Based on Radio Frequency Technology and Working Method Therof

This Chinese patent uses RFID technology implanted in a refrigerator to give off such data like:  stock information in the fridge, food recommendation purchases, recipes and personal preferences.

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