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Top 5: Safety Patents

Inspired by General Motors’s latest airbag patent, we’ve decided to look at other safety and emergency patents that exist. Buckle up!

1) Shock Absorber for Safety Belt

According to the patent literature, “The shock absorber is an essential part of the safety belt assembly for when a lanyard suddenly checks the fall of a workman, the shock force against his body is severe and can be the cause of serious internal injury.”

2) Wearable Personal Emergency Rescue Apparatus

Known as a throw-bag type lifeline, this apparatus features a vest for a wearer and a rope that can be thrown and secured around the person to be rescued. It is usually used in extraction or rescue missions.

3) Radiation Safety Shield for a Syringe 

This safety shield is constructed out of tantalum or a similar high-density substance to protect health and medical operators from being affected by the radiation.

4) Emergency Flight Safety Device

This full face mask, intended for crew members, includes a display for flight data so that members are still kept aware of essential information even in the case of an emergency, like a fire. (The patent literature states in case smoke blurs their view).

5) Water Safety and Survival System

This patent is for a counterweight, which attaches to a tank, that will assist divers in surfacing heads up in case they become incapacitated.


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