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Top 5: Rain Technology Patents 2017

“I’m only happy when it rains,” sings Garbage. While some people dread the rain, others look to it as inspiration for invention. So this week’s Top 5 takes a look at more rainy day patents.

1) Rain Erosion Resistant Material for Airborne Vehicle

This invention is a thermoplastic material with a high electrical transparency. The coating is useful for airborne vehicles like planes and helicopters that have to function in various weather conditions.

2) Rain Cap for Exhaust Pipe

This car-focused patent is meant to prevent rain and “foreign matter” from entering the exhaust and engine.

3) Rain Garments 

What’s a rain post without rain gear? This patented rain garment from the ’60s is a full rain-suit, complete with button up leg covers!

4) Rain Gutter Protection Device

Keep your gutter clear with this full coverage protection device!

5) Rain Sensor

Automatic windshield wiper technology can be found in this patent!


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