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Top 5: Radio Patents

This week, we’re taking a look at when radio ruled communication! Check out our list of patents below, all from the 1960s.

1) Tunable Radio Antenna

This patent shows antennas curved into a short, pinwheel-like shape to best pick up radio signals.

2) Card Control of Radio Telephone us3581019-1-1

When radio-telephones in cars were a thing, this patent features a card-controlled system, where a card is “punched” with the relevant dialing or receiving information to make a call.

3) Holster Radio Alarm

Slightly different from the above, this holster belt activates a radio transmitter when an office removes his gun from his holster,  “notifying a remote station of the existence of a danger condition.”

4) Unattended Radio Station

This patent aims for a radio station that can be run without the use of personnel on an automatic system, thus reducing the cost of operations.

5) Diplexer for Radio Communication

This little device consists of two filters and a series of cables that enable a “radio transmitter and receiver to operate simultaneously or sequentially with the same antenna with closely spaced transmitter and receiver frequencies.”

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