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Top 5: Pumpkin Patents

October is almost here, and coffee shops have already rolled out their pumpkin-flavored specialty drinks and treats. So this week, we’re highlighting 5 pumpkin-related patents!

1) Pumpkin Carving Kit 

A necessity of the fall season, pumpkin carving kits provide a variety of tools and sometimes stencils to turn pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns.

2) Spiral Coil Candle Holder for Pumpkins and Other Substrates

Another jack-o-lantern related patent, this spiral coil helps to hold your candle in place inside the pumpkin. The corkscrew shape helps to stay put in the bloom point (or mound) at the bottom of a hollowed-out pumpkin.

3) Method for Preparing Ice Cream Using Squash, Pumpkin, Carrot or Sweet Potato

This patent actually outlines the method for making the traditional Indian dessert known as Kulfi. The vegetables, after being prepped, are added to yogurt to give it a consistency similar to ice cream.

4) Pumpkin Flower Eyesight-Improving Soymilk Tea Powder

This next pumpkin food related patent hails from China.  Herbal tea blends are believed to be good for one’s health, and this pumpkin-based tea powder focuses on eyesight and liver health.

5) Pumpkin Stand

Show off your prized pumpkin on this pumpkin stand! As a bonus, the plate-stand catches any juice that escapes from the pumpkin as it rots.

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