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Top 5: Planting Patents


1) Planting Wall

This patent pertains to the interlocking planting containers.

2) Seed Planter

This planter from the late ’60s is a wheeled system that deposits the seeds into the ground via air pressure.

3) Rotary Sprinkler

Rotary sprinklers are used on golf courses, cemeteries, home lawns, and various turfs and field, but they’re not without some issues. This patented sprinkler aims to make the rotary sprinkler more efficient, as well as easier to clean.

4) Tree Seedling Capsule Planting Tool 

This tool helps to create a hold in the ground and push capsules containing tree seedlings into said hole, as an easier way to plant young trees.

5) Combined Seed and Fertilizer Drills for Agricultural Use

This industrial-use drill distributes both seeds and fertilizer in fields.

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