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Top 5 Patents: More Winter Gear

With the arrival of Storm Jonas last week, it truly felt like winter on the East Coast. Below, we list the patents of necessary winter items used to prepare for and combat snow-storms.

1) Small Vehicle Snow Plow

Snow plows are usually associated with large trucks to clear snow off the streets. This patent for a snow plow is hinged and structured in a way that makes it suitable to attach to smaller trucks and cars.

2) Snow Suit snowsuit

This patent focuses on the design aspect of a snow suit. Important for winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding, the warmth and protectiveness of a snow suit also helps with braving the cold to shovel.

3) Rubberized Covering with Integral Heating System

This patented heating system is meant for outdoor use–like in a driveway or on a patio–so as to melt any snow that lands on the surface.

4) Sodium Chloride De-icing Composition

This composition is known as “rock salt” and is frequently used to help melt ice on sidewalks. Rock salt is also used in preparation of snowfall to prevent light snow from sticking.

5) Water-proof Snow Boot

An upgrade to a regular snow boot, this waterproof one features an extra layer in between the outside covering and inner lining to prevent water from reaching the wearer’s feet. Warm, dry toes are important when walking through snow!

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