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Top 5: Patented Doctor’s Tools

With US healthcare on the brain, we’ve decided to round up 5 tools of the trade in the vast medical field.

1) Wireless Electronic Stethoscope

This wireless stethoscope is a less bulky upgrade of the original tool. It no longer features a resonator connected to ear tubes, but rather a pen-shaped body to detect heartbeats and sound.

2) A Scalpel with Replaceable Blade

This patented scalpel aims to fix the issue of blunted scalpel blades. According to the literature, blunted scalpel blades must be discarded, with the base of the blade with it, leading to unnecessary waste. By making the blade replaceable, it reduces the need to throw out the entire scalpel.

3) Coated Balloon Catheterus20120143054a1-20120607-d00002

A tool used to treat angioplasty, this specific coated catheter is used to “rapidly delivers [sic] more consistently a therapeutically effective amount of drug to a body vessel wall.”

4) Medical Instrument with Probe and Methods of Using the Same

This particular patented tool, according to its illustrations, is used to check out a patient’s ear.

5) Fetal Heart Rate and Intra-Uterine Pressure Monitor System

A patent dating back to the ’60s, this tool is important in monitoring a fetus’ heart rate and other factors to determine whether the fetus is experiencing any stress.

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