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Top 5: Patented Cuts of Meat

Most people don’t think about the patents involved on their dinner plate, but patents for cuts of chicken, turkey, and steak are actually quite common. For today’s Top 5, we’re featuring  just a few of the funnier examples of the many patented cuts of meat…bon appetit!


1) Vegas Strip Steak

Meat processing specialists recently debuted a new cut of steak known as the “Vegas Strip Steak”. The cut uses “an un-obvious chunk of meat that has been sitting there – a little diamond surrounded by a bunch of coal,” said Steve Price, who played a role in applying for a patent for the new cut. Technically, the patent would be for the knife strokes required to create the unique cut of meat, meaning it would be a process that could potentially be patentable. The patent has recently been widely discussed on NPRSlateTechDirt and Time.

2) Turkey Roast

If you’re trying to make your meals healthier but can’t quite get over your affinity for steak, check out this turkey cutting patent. The patent outlines a method of selectively cutting pieces of turkey so they appear to look like cuts of steaks – it won’t quite satisfy your red meat fix, but it might help put your IP skills to work in the kitchen!

popcorn chicken3)  Popcorn Chicken

Ever wonder why someone thought to invent popcorn chicken? As the patent explains, “In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for innovative meat products, particularly products which require less time for preparation and which include little or no waste. There has also been an increasing demand for meat products which are boneless or relatively boneless, making such products easier to consume.” Though reading the patent might make you start to lose your appetite, this new (patented) food option appears to offer a new alternative supply for the “increasing demand”.

4) Turducken

The unique combination of a turkey, duck, and chicken, this trademarked meat option is certainly not the typical Thanksgiving dinner… yet it has seen huge popularity since being prepared in the mid 1980’s. As legend goes, a local farmer brought in a turkey, a duck, and a chicken and asked a local butcher to prepare the unique cut of meat. The butcher later trademarked the name and is now selling over 3,000 turduckens a year.

5) Fing’r Pick’n Chick’n

Yes, that is a real name for a type of chicken cut. Inventor Gene Gagliardi, known for patenting over 40 different cuts of meat, created the cut of meat now sold by Popeye’s fast food restaurants under the name “Rip’n Chick’n”. Want to know the secret to the patent? Check out the video below.


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