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Top 5: New Year’s Eve Traditions

New Year’s Eve is this weekend! How are you preparing to ring in the New Year? Instead of a patent list this year, we’ve decided to highlight a few New Year’s Eve traditions from around the world. Let us know which one is your favorite, and check out our patent list from last year!

1) Japan

At midnight, Buddhist temples ring their bells a total of 108 times. This is meant to symbolize the 108 human sins that exist in Buddhist belief and to cleanse those 108 desires for the new year.

2) Brazil

In Brazil and a few other South American countries, the color of your underwear on NYE represents what you want in the new year. The most well known examples are red for love, yellow for wealth, and white for peace, but this travel blog outlines a few others.

3) Scotland

A tradition thought to be rooted in Viking/Norse culture, people in Scotland parade through town with flaming balls of fire before stopping at a harbor and throwing them into the water while making wishes.

4) South Africa

On New Year’s Day in Johannesburg, one might find discarded appliances and furniture on the streets — taking the saying “out with the old” literally on New Year’s Eve by tossing items out their windows.

5) Germany

To determine what the new year will bring, Germans melt lead and then pour it into cold water. Their fortunes are then divined from the shapes the lead makes.

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