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Top 5: New Year’s Eve Patents 2016

Ring in the New Year with these related patents!

1) New Year’s Ball Drop us20050138851a1-20050630-d00002

A seemingly smaller version of the ball drop in Times Square, this pending patent display features a track mechanism and a movable ball to mimic a ball drop. It also includes a year sign that lights up when the ball reaches the bottom.

2) Champagne Bottle Opener

This item makes it easier to pop a champagne cork, which can be harder than it looks.

3) Wacky Pop Noise Maker

One New Year’s Eve tradition is to make a lot of noise when the new year arrives. These “wacky pops” make noise when you shake them, due to their hollow structure housing plastic rings, and even come with candy.

4) Countdown Timer

Countdown the last few seconds of 2016 (or any year) with this timer, which announces the countdown period.

5) Led Illuminated Novelty Glasses

No NYE party is complete without silly glasses! Wear ones in the shape of the new year, or get illuminated glasses like these.

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