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Top 5: Memorabilia Patents

Whether you’re a sports fan, otaku, or a general sci-fi & fantasy geek, we all have collectibles we treasure and love to display. This week’s Top 5 lists a few key items used to preserve your favorite gear.


1) Protective Ticket Holder and Memorabilia Device

Want to save your ticket from a special game day or convention? This patented holder, usually made of plastic, allows the owner to keep the ticket safe from damage while displaying it.

2) Method and Apparatus for Authenticating Unique Items Such as Sports Memorabilia

Buying collectibles is always a gamble. Even certificates of proof can be forged. The idea of this patent is to capture an image of the item being signed so as to provide proof to the buyer and owner.

3) Cabinet Style Jersey Display Case 

Show off your team pride with this display case! It’s perfect to keep signed or rare jerseys safe from the elements.

4) Doll with Patch and Cover for Releasably Engaging a Removable Item

This sports memorabilia item is both a figurine and a display piece. Dependent on the doll, it can wrap around a piece of sports memorabilia or be attached to the top of a display case.

5) Digital Watermarks and Trading Cards

The watermarks on these cards not only protect against fakes, but also can be used, like a QR code, to provide more information about the card online!


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