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Top 5: Lighting Patents

Let there be light with our latest Top 5 patent list!

1) Light Assembly for Motor Vehicles

This patent details the necessary components that make up headlights and tail-lights for a motor vehicle.

2) Devices for Making Exposures with Artificial Light

A photography-related patent, this device provides artificial light, and the ability to control said artificial light to help make exposures.

3) Light Treatments for Acne and Other Disorders of Follicles 

A new trend in acne and skin treatment, inventions like this one concentrate either LED light or blue light on the face to breakdown the bacteria in pimples.

4) Flexible Light Track for Signage

This patent relates to an outdoor sign that relies on LED lights in commercial signage as opposed to neon or florescent lights.

5) Lamp Shade

Decorative and useful, lamp shades help to dim the brightness of lightbulbs. Depending on their design and how much light they block, lampshades are an important tool in setting the mood.

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