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Top 5: Library Patents


1) Cart Loading System and Method for Library-Like Materials

This patent aims to limit the manual labor involved in restocking and organizing library shelves. These carts have a tilt and push element which slides the books or materials into the designated area or shelf.

2) Library Circulation Control System

Dating back to the ’70s, this patent was an electronic, automated update to the manual process of library circulation.

3) Bookshelf with Locking Adjustable Bookends 

Bookends are attached to a movable lock bar with apertures which allows said book ends to be locked into place along the length of said bar. The bookends can then be adjusted in accordance with the number of books being placed on the shelf.

4) Wrench for Printed Circuit Card Library Rack

Dating back to the ’50s, this patent was applicable when libraries used a card system. This wrench is meant to help assist with displaying and handling said library cards.

5) Virtual File Library System

This virtual system is a graphical display patent that helps showcase, track, record and make available content such as electronic books.

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