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Top 5: Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow Patents

Well the weather outside has been frightful (in a weird, global warming way) and I hope your Christmas was delightful, but since it’s still winter for a few months more, check out these snow-related patents!

1) Artificial Snow

This early patent for artificial snow outlines the chemical composition and process that is necessary to make said material. The owner points out that cotton and mica had been used previously but posed safety threats; his idea is not only safer, but also inexpensive. The artificial snow in this patent is not meant for ski resorts, but for decoration Christmas trees and window displays.

Snow Shoes for Bicycles: Patent US573034

2) Snow shoe attachment for bicycles

Before there were snowmobiles and snow tires for cars, there were snow shoe attachments for bicycles. The “bifurcated shoes” are attached to the bike via elastics and clamps, and this allows the vehicle to ride smoothly while adjusting to the depth of the snow on the ground. The shoes also look like skis.

3) Use of an extract from snow algae in cosmetic or dermatogical formultaions

Many cosmetic products use ingredients from nature, so why not snow? This patent focuses on the extract of Chlamydocapsa sp, and it’s specific properties can be used for anti-aging treatments. What’s interesting about this patent is the mention of a commonly known snow algae, Chlamydomonos nivalis, which colors snow red. “This red coloration of the spores serves as a UV screen achieved by the inclusion of carotenoids (astaxanthin),” states the patent, so it makes sense to use it in products that help reverse UV damage.

4) Snow making machine having syrup dispenser

The flavored snow cone is a beloved treat in the summer, since it is tasty, refreshing and cheap. This patent builds on prior inventions, such as the ice-shaving machine, by adding a syrup dispenser to its construction.

5) Land, water, ice and snow boat

This is basically an air boat that is built in a specific fashion to adapt to land, water or snow. The boat features an air propeller to move it across the surface, and it would have a coating of stainless steel to prevent rusting. At least snow boats sound cool.

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