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Top 5: Italian and Italian-American Inventors/Patent Holders

On October 12th, 1989, then-U.S. President George Bush declared the month of October as “Italian American Heritage and Culture Month.” To celebrate, we’re gathered a list of Italian and Italian-American inventors and patent holders!

1) Enrico Fermi

Enrico Fermi is best known for winning the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1938, and working on the Manhattan Project (he’s been called “the architect of the atomic bomb”). Fermi also has a few patents, one of them being a Neutron Velocity Selector.

2) Antonio Meucci

Alexander Graham Bell did not invent the telephone. That honor goes to Antonio Meucci, who demonstrated his teletrofono in New York in 1860, 16 years before Bell took out a patent.

3) Filippo Brunelleschi

Known most famously for “Brunelleschi’s Dome,” the red-brick dome of Florence’s cathedral il Duomo, Brunellesci was also the recipient of the “first recorded patent for an industrial invention” in 1421.

4) Joy Mangano 

For those who watch QVC or HSN, Mangano is a household name. She is reported to have over 100 patents and trademarks for solutions to everyday domestic problems. The movie Joy is loosely based on her life.

5) Domenico Ghirardelli

The man behind the famous chocolate company has a patent for a sheet-metal can, which would be used to store and preserve ground chocolate.

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  1. How could you forget Guglielmo Marconi who shared the 1909 Nobel Prize for development of wireless telegraphy?

  2. Interesting topic, I would also like to suggest the name of eugenio bersanti, in 1853 patented the first model of internal combustion engine

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