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Top 5: Irish and Irish-American Inventions

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day yesterday, we’ve listed a few Irish and Irish-American inventions. (For a more in-depth list of inventors, you can check out this Wikipedia page.)

1) Tattooing Machine

Prior to Samuel O’Reilly’s tattooing machine, tattoos were not permanent. O’Reilly’s machine consists of needles that perforate the skin and then deposit the ink, much like tattoo machines today.

2) Tractor-drawn Agricultural Implement

This patent by Harry Ferguson consists of attaching a plough to a tractor, making it easier to work the land.

3) Fire-escape fireescape

This patent by Anna Connelly dates all the way back to 1887, when factory fires were a big issue in cities such as NYC. Connelly’s patent is specifically for a bridge that would allow escapees to cross over into the neighboring building to get away from a fire.

4) Cushion-sole

We have Henry O’Sullivan to thank for the rubber soles on on our shoes. These soles help to cushion the impact on our feet while walking, running, etc.

5) Parachute Harness and Release Mechanism

This invention by James Martin is an ejector seat for a helicopter and other aircrafts.

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