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Top 5: Ice Skating Patents

It’s that time of the year, when winter sports reign supreme. Take to the ice with these related patents.

1) Protective Ice Skating Outfit

Besides being flashy, this ice skating outfit can be functional too! It features compressible padding inserts that will absorb the shock of a fall, minimizing a skater’s injuries.

2) Ice-skating Exercise Device us4781372-1

Practice your movements off the ice with this exercise device. The stirrup tracks allow exercisers to mimic motions used on the ice, and the weight adds for resistance training.

3) Illumination for Ice Skating Rinks

This specific patent is for illumination that comes from below the ice surface, and can be used to display patterns on the ice for an enhanced performance.

4) Ice Skating Treadmill

Another exercise device, this one “duplicates actual ice skating conditions on a treadmill,” and allows for the skater to practice in a relatively fixed position.

5) Convertible Ice, Hockey and Roller Skates

When the winter season passes, you can take your love of skating off the rink with these convertible skates!

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