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Top 5: Gobble Worthy Thanksgiving Patents

Thanksgiving, the American holiday that started from gratitude for a prosperous harvest, is happening next week – which means turkey time, delicious feasts and the beginning of the holiday season. Below are five patents that we’re grateful for.

1) Combined Cornucopia and Candleholder

Step up your Thanksgiving themed decorations with this combined cornucopia and candleholder. The cornucopia is a symbol of abundance, and is associated with the American holiday of Thanksgiving from the harvest swapping back in the day. From the looks of it, this cornucopia+candleholder can be filled with whatever goodies deemed necessary, and then highlighted with the soft romantic glow of the attached candles.

2) Gun mounted turkey call device 

If you’re the kind of person that likes to go out and bring home their own food, you can now kill two birds with one stone…or rather with one patent. Just as the name suggests, the turkey call device has been upgraded by being attached to a hunting gun. This makes it easier to attract the turkey and get ready for firing position. It also saves a trip to the grocer’s for your Thanksgiving feast!

3) Inflatable plastic articles with sealed internal illuminations

This is the fancy way of saying “light-up inflatable balloon.” Almost synonymous with Thanksgiving nowadays is the NYC Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, known for its giant balloons that float along Central Park West and 6th Ave before stopping at the Macy’s flagship store in Herald Square. Featuring famous characters such as Snoopy and Pikachu, many of the balloons in that parade use this patent.

4) Turkey decoration

Maybe you’re not like the person from item #2, and don’t want any dead turkeys as part of your Thanksgiving feast – but you still want to get in the holiday spirit. That’s where this self-explanatory patent comes into play. We particularly like this turkey decoration because it has a pilgrim hat. So festive!

5) Pie Pan

Lastly, every good Thanksgiving feast has a delicious dessert. Pie seems to be the unofficial autumn season treat; with the proper pie pan, you can bake all the flavorful pies!

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