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Top 5: Environmentally Conscious Patents

CDTi, a global manufacturer and distributor of emission control systems, was awarded two patents by the USPTO for their newest clean air technology. We can appreciate a good invention that’s about keeping the environment safe, and ensuring that the ecological balance is preserved for years to come for everyone to enjoy. The following patents exhibit a few long-term thinking solutions that benefit the planet.

1) Biodegradable Fishhook

As the patent states: “It is well understood that in certain fishing areas referred to as “catch and release” areas or “quality” fishing areas, it is unlawful to harm or take a fish.” The biodegradable fishhook is a step up from the barbless hook in that it doesn’t require the fisherman to remove the fish from water to free the hook. The patent gives three scenarios as to how the fishhook disintegrates, but the main takeaway is that the hook contains biodegradable polymers that react with the chemical tissue of the fish, leaving it unharmed.

2) Method of Constructing an Eco-Friendly Building with Tire Bales

The United States has a waste tire problem–in New York State alone, an estimated 18-20 million waste tires are generated each year, and disposing of them creates more pollution problems. This patent proposes a specific way to build structures using the tire bales as filling materials, which would reduce waste and cut down on construction costs. It’s an idea similar to building a house with plastic bottles.

3) Solar Powered Car

Solar energy is another fuel alternative that environmentalists mention, and for good reason: it’s natural and limitless (at least until the sun goes down). Solar cars run on photovoltaic cells, which directly convert sunlight into electricity. According to this patent filed in the 1980s, a solar powered car would consist of solar panels mounted to strategic sides of the vehicle, and attached to rechargeable electric batteries. The solar cars of today, however, tend to have a different design.

4) Aerogenerator

On the subject of harvesting free energy, the concept of wind power isn’t new–the earliest wind-powered machine was invented by Greek engineer Heron in the first century AD. Still, it is interesting to see the developments and innovations that have been patented throughout man’s agricultural and industrial history. This patent for the aerogenerator, for example, could be seen as a stepping stone towards the wind turbines we are now familiar with.

5) Compost Crib

Sometimes, saving the environment can be dirty work. Waste and pollution are a danger to the environment, and this invention seeks to eliminate that threat. By using the aid of solar energy and exposure to air, the compost crib helps to decompose animal carcasses into beneficial soil nutrients.

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