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Top 5: Christmas Patents 2016

Christmas is right around the corner, so we’ve gathered up related patents. Happy Holidays!

1) Multi-branched Christmas Lights

The more Christmas lights, the better! These clustered strands of light also flash.

2) Combined Christmas Tree Holder and Stable for a Nativity Scene usd196445

Set up your Nativity right under the tree with this patented tree holder item. You can put the Nativity front and center amongst any presents.

3) Animated Sitting and Standing Santa Character

Improve your Christmas decorations with an animatronic Santa! This one, by Telco Creations Inc, also sings while it moves.

4) Artificial Snow Device

Make Christmas trees look more realistic with this artificial snow device. A fan and “venturi” are used to suck up snow particles from a vessel and distribute them around.

5) Christmas Ornament and Kit for Making the Same

Decorate your tree with homemade ornaments with this kit!

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