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Top 5: Beach Patents

The summer season is officially here! With summer weekends calling for trips to the beach, we’ve rounded up a few beach-related patents

1) Installation for Beach Erosion Prevention

The repeated motion of waves hitting the shore leads to erosion. This patent aims to combat that through the use of artificial reefs or seaweed, which would help to “build up” or reclaim the land.

2) Beach Locker

Prevent theft of your items with this handy lock box. Able to be secured into the sand via a screw and crank system, the locker can only be removed or opened by the user.

3) Illuminated Beach Balls 

A novelty patent from the ’60s, illuminated beach balls are perfect for use when at the beach after-hours or late at night.

4) Machines for Cleaning Sand Beaches 

This cleaning machine separates any debris from sand particles, helping to keep beaches as clean as possible.

5) Convertible Beach Chair-Suit Case Combination

Beach chairs, while a great accessory, can be clunky to carry to the beach. There are plenty of beach-chair designs, but this beach chair-suitcase combo seems easy and portable.

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