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Top 5: Back to School Patents

High school, college, grad school, trade school, online classes… the quest for education doesn’t have to stop! We’ve gathered up a few patents blah blah

1) Online Education Course with Customized Course Scheduling

Not everyone has the means or the opportunity to attend college in-person. Online courses allow students to complete their education within their own timeframes.

2) Computer in a Desk 

Like the name suggests, this invention features a computer system built into a desk. According to the patent literature, this invention would allow schools to invest in a computer lab without sacrificing space, due to the convertible furniture.

3) Teaching Aid Kit

This kit is for use in kindergarten or first grade to help teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, and features cards with the alphabet and related images.

4) School-wide Notification and Response System

Receive an instant alert whenever something happens on campus with this notification and response system.

5) Expansible Hand Carrying Case for School Books, Papers, and the Like

A sturdy bag or case is always necessary for the school year. This design from the 1960s looks like a box!

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