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Top 5: Autonomous Patents

We’re slowly incorporated automation and autonomous technology into our lives. This week’s Top 5 takes a look at patents related, or pertaining to, autonomous objects.

1) Autonomous Floor-cleaning Robot

This patent is owned by iRobot Corp, the company that introduced the Roomba! The robot features a control system and sensor system which allows it to identify dust and dirt and makes it way over to said particles.

2) Celestial Navigation System for an Autonomous Robot

Another patent from iRobot, this one improves on an autonomous robot’s navigation system by implementing a transmitting and receiving system. The idea is that the robot can then navigate around items without having to bump into them first before changing its course.

3) Autonomous Learning and Reasoning Agent 

Similar to an A.I. system, this patented learning and reasoning agent can learn by example, positive reinforcement or being told what to do, and then evaluating its situation and progress.

4) Autonomous Lawn Mower 

Like the Roomba, this machine takes over a human cleaning task. It includes an electronically stored terrain map and path so it knows where to cut the grass.

5) Autonomous Action Robot

The rise of the robots are here! This robot is meant to behave like, and co-exist with, people. Let’s just hope all the sci-fi movies don’t come true.

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