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Top 5: Anti-Sweat Patents

Summer’s only a month away, but the heat wave is starting early. And while everyone loves the warm weather,  probably the least enjoyable aspect is sweat. This week, we’re taking a look at a few patents that either absorb or “prevent” sweat.

1) Sweat-absorbing Game Ball

For those who like to play outdoor sports, a sweaty sports ball can be uncomfortable to play with. This patented ball would feature a polyurethane coating which would be able to absorb sweat.

2) Non-Sweating Lipsticks

This lipstick contains a gelling agent which is meant to help retain the emollient oils and keep the lips moisturized.

3) Disposable Sweat Liner for Safety Hats 

This sweat liner is meant to stay put between the wearer’s forehead and the hard hat via tabs and a headband. The liner helps to absorb sweat that might otherwise get in a worker’s eyes.

4) Refrigerator with Anti-Sweat Hot Liquid Loop

People and animals aren’t the only ones that “sweat.” Condensation for a refrigerator/freezer compartment happens when the warm air comes into contact with the cold surface of the fridge; this anti-sweat liquid loop is meant to reduce condensation.

5) Deodorant Gel Stick

There are many different kinds of deodorant out today. On top of making you smell nice, some of them help to prevent sweat too!


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