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Top 10 IP & Patent News – Week of 8/28/2017

Welcome to Article One’s Top 10 Weekly News Update. Every week, Article One provides a quick list of the past week’s top news in patents and IP. Here are some of the stories that we’ve been reading! What were your top IP news  stories last week? Post them below in the comments or discuss your thoughts on one of our top picks! 

Why is the Patent Office Cranking Out Patents So Quickly? – Argus Leader
Patent-licensing Company Loses its $30M Verdict Against SprintArs Technica
Talking Intellectual Property: How Openly Should Entrepreneurs Share Their Ideas? – Forbes
Threat to the American Patent System and Inventors’ Rights – Industry Week
Federal Circuit Provides More Guidance on Biosimilar Patent Litigation – The National Law Review
South Korea Showed Decline in Intellectual Property Trade Deficit – Business Korea
Putting China’s Intellectual Property Theft in Context – Global Trade Mag
‘Waive’ Goodbye: Developments in Patent Litigation – New Jersey Law Journal
Patent Invalidated Based on Inequitable Conduct – The Legal Intelligencer
‘The Ultimate Patent Troll’ – Pacific Standard

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