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Top 10 IP & Patent News Update – Week of 7/10/2017

Welcome to Article One’s Top 10 Weekly News Update. Every week, Article One provides a quick list of the past week’s top news in patents and IP. Here are some of the stories that we’ve been reading! What were your top IP news  stories last week? Post them below in the comments or discuss your thoughts on one of our top picks! 

Supreme Court Restricts Patent Holder’s Bounds – Albuquerque Journal
The Promise of the Invention – Canadian Lawyer Magazine
Waymo Drops 3 of 4 Patent Infringement Claims Against UberCNet
Super-Litigious Patent Holder Ordered to Pay Defendant’s Legal Fees – Ars Technica
Intellectual Property is Gaining in Importance with Investments in Emerging Tech Such as AI – The Economic Times
Top Chinese Appliances IP Chief Says More Patent Litigation is Coming to the Industry – and Not Just in China – IAM
Are Utility Patents Tying Up Innovation with Litigation? – Greenhouse Grower
Making American Intellectual Property Great Again – The Washington Times
Protecting Your Business: When to Consult An Intellectual Property Lawyer – CBS Los Angeles
Mother Teresa Blue-Stripe Sari Trademarked, First Ever Uniform to be Protected Under Intellectual Property Rights – Financial Express

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