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Top 10 IP & Patent News Update – Week of 10/9/2017

Welcome to Article One’s Top 10 Weekly News Update. Every week, Article One provides a quick list of the past week’s top news in patents and IP. Here are some of the stories that we’ve been reading! What were your top IP news  stories last week? Post them below in the comments or discuss your thoughts on one of our top picks! 

A New Strain of Inequitable Conduct Litigation – Law 360
Protecting Your Intellectual Property in the Internet of Things – IP Watchdog
Chinese Firm Ordered to Stop Violating Kent Displays’ Patents – Record Courier
Patents Allow Increasing Number of People Access to Cheaper Medicines – BusinessDay
Burden of Amended Claims Falls to Petitioner, says Federal Circuit – IP Pro the Internet
How Much Should You Spend on Trademarks and Patents? – Financial Review
How to Succeed in Patent Litigation Without Breaking the Bank – Corporate Counsel
Caribbean Countries Urged to Monetize Intellectual Property – Jamaica Information Service
Patent Considerations for Startup Companies – New Hampshire Union Leader
Disney Patent Hints at Spider-Man Style Ride with Swinging Motions – Orlando Business Journal

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