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Top 10 IP & Patent News Update – Week of 10/24/16


Welcome to Article One’s Top 10 Weekly News Update. Every week, Article One provides a quick list of the past week’s top news in patents and IP. Here are some of the stories that we’ve been reading! What were your top IP news  stories last week? Post them below in the comments or discuss your thoughts on one of our top picks! 

BMW Allegedly Infringed Upon Numerous Patents – Northern California Record
When Patent Litigation Isn’t About a Quick Settlement – Bloomberg Law
A.I Computers Should be Named as Inventors on Patents – Seeker
The Inventor’s Dilemma: Drafting Your Own Patent Application when you Lack Funds – IP Watchdog
The Rise of IPR Trolls Threaten Patent Owners and Their Businesses – Inside Counsel
IP Protection in China is Finally Changing. Or So it Seems – Fortune
Patent Pending – The Crimson
Changing Face of Global Governance of Intellectual Property – The Pioneer
Recipe or Invention: Food as Intellectual Property – Irish Times
Increase in Senior Adults Becoming Inventors – Shreveport Times

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