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Top 5: Spring Cleaning Patents

The changing seasons means it’s time to transition your wardrobe, and deep-clean your house or apartment. This week’s Top 5 lists items that are frequently used in spring cleaning! 1) Portable Storage Rack or Pallet There are a few ways to store your belongings: in bins, in boxes, in closets and on shelves and racks. Read more…

Top 5: Hygienic Patents

This week, we’re looking at patents in an unexpected place: the restroom. 1) Shower Head and Liquid Soap Dispensing and Metering Means Lather up and rinse off all in one with this 2-in-1 patented shower head. Perfect for those who prefer liquid soap over soap bars. 2) Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer Portable hand sanitizer is perfect for when Read more…

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