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Researcher of the Year 2015

In 2015, we recognized 53 outstanding Researchers who contributed immensely to the success of our Studies.

researcher-small_Selecting only one among these Researchers of the Month proved to be a challenge. In the end, however, the stellar performance of one Researcher rose above the rest. We are truly proud to announce that the Researcher of the Year 2015 is Dsarokin. As a Researcher of the Year, Dsarokin will receive a $5,000 Reward.


A Researcher since 2011, Dsarokin has consistently performed well in our Studies. One of the five most active Study participants in 2015, Dsarokin maintained the quality of his submissions as he received Rewards for one of every three public Studies he joined. Not only are his submissions mostly in-scope, more than 80% are NPL references, which provide much value to our clients.

Dsarokin has contributed to our Community even beyond our Studies. He provides input to fellow Researchers through the forum and offers his feedback to our Team through his survey responses. A valuable Community member both on and off our Studies, Dsarokin truly deserves to be named as the Researcher of the Year.

Researchers of the Month

 Our Researchers of the Month embody the value a diverse crowd can provide. Hailing from 11 different countries and representing various technology interests and expertise, these Researchers had an average in-scope percentage of above 50%.  About half their submissions were NPL references. On average, each Researcher submitted about four responses to every Study they joined.

Quality is key, as our Researchers of the Month clearly demonstrate. Active participation in pursuit of quality is the recipe for success in Article One.


Onward to 2016

We will continue to acknowledge our top Researchers every month. Check our blog on the first week of February to find out who will be included in our first batch of Researchers of the Month for 2016.

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